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DEC PLC Module Repair

Ampeon provides expert DEC PLC Module Repair services.

When you have DEC PLC Module Repair problems, our expert representatives will help you solve them with workable, economical solutions - even if yours is time sensitive and you need Priority Service. Call 1+ 800 504-9996 to speak to one of our electronic repair customer service reps.

The following is a list of many of the DEC models we service and repair. We offer service for more than what is shown here. If the model number is not shown here, it is very likely we can be of assistance. Just contact us for more information.

Brand Name Part Number Description Status
DEC 10214 CONTROLLER... View Detail
DEC 10216 CONTROLLER... View Detail
DEC 10219 CONTROLLER... View Detail
DEC 10223 TERMINATOR... View Detail
DEC 102G2 INTERFACE BD... View Detail
DEC 501667401D1P2 CONTROLLER... View Detail
DEC 5409668 FRNT PANEL CNTL... View Detail
DEC 540972800 POWER SUPPLY... View Detail
DEC 5413009 VIDEO CNTL BD... View Detail
DEC 5413489 TU58 SERIAL BD.... View Detail
DEC 5413728 PCB... View Detail
DEC 5413747 LA34 CONTROL BD... View Detail
DEC 5416163 LA210 LOGIC BD.... View Detail
DEC 5416163A CONTROLLER... View Detail
DEC 701601700 TU58DRVW/INTF... View Detail
DEC 701763001 PCB... View Detail
DEC 701763001C LA 120 KEYBD... View Detail
DEC 701786301E LA100 KEYBD... View Detail
DEC A007 MUX 16 CHBIT... View Detail
DEC ACS869 LOGIC PCB... View Detail
DEC G056 READ AMPLIFIER... View Detail
DEC G057 PRE AMPLIFIER... View Detail
DEC G066 READ AMPLIFIER... View Detail
DEC G104 MEMORY BD... View Detail
DEC G105 MEMORY BD... View Detail
DEC G109 CONTROLLER... View Detail
DEC G110 CONTROLLER... View Detail
DEC G111 MEMORY BD 8K... View Detail
DEC G114 MEMORY BD 16K... View Detail
DEC G116 SENSE BD 32K... View Detail
DEC G157 READ/WRITE BD.... View Detail
DEC G158 SERVO BD... View Detail
DEC G159 SERVO BD... View Detail
DEC G180 READ/WRITE BD.... View Detail
DEC G181 READ/WRITE BD.... View Detail
DEC G225 CURRENT BD... View Detail
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